Desctiption UBIQ x Packer Shoes x FILA Spaghetti 'FILADELPHIA'(E10h8529) The UBIQ x Packer Shoes x FILA Spaghetti ‘FILAdelphia’ is constructed of rich red suede upper, with matching mesh tongue, white nylon noodle stripes, royal blue leather for the lace loops, tongue tab, heel pull tab and on the toe box, with a white midsole and red translucent sloe. The three-way branding comes by way of FILA stitched on the outer quarter side heel, tongue and toe box tabs, while Packer is seen on the left heel tab and UBIQ on the right. On the inside, ‘FILADELPHIA’ is found embroidered across the entire insole. The white model laces can be swapped for either of the extra set of red or blue that comes included, keepin’ it Sixers. Shipping Weight: :0.52kg